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April is a certified hypnotherapist practicing in Vacaville.  Hypnotherapy has been practiced in one form or another for thousands of years. It is not what you see on television or stage and it isn’t a parlor game.  Hypnosis is a process whereby an individual is taught to use his or her own abilities for his or her own benefit.  Under the guidance of a qualified Hypnotherapist, it can facilitate healing around pain, anxiety, depression, smoking cessation, eating disorders and much more.  Research into this long-practiced technique continues to divulge benefits for a wide range of physical and mental conditions. 

After graduating from Massage Therapy Institute in Davis back in 2015, Kyla has dedicated her practice towards helping people recover from physical and/or athletic injuries, especially with a long history of my own injuries in sports. She has learned different methods from other massage therapists as well as chiropractors and neuromuscular therapists. 
Some of her training has included reflexology, deep tissue, neuromuscular therapy, lymphatic as well as others. She is also currently working on a degree in Kinesiology at SCC.

She specializes in Gua sha, sports massage and relaxation. "My  purpose is to help maintain your healthy living style by keeping your body relaxed and mobile.”

Jane is a certified massage therapist with nearly 14 years in practice. One of her favorite things about being a therapist is being able to help clients connect back with their bodies and help them find the relief and peace they’re in search of. 
She enjoys adding a variety of healing modalities into her work and is always learning new techniques to further help her clients. Jane loves to pamper and nurture people and making them feel safe is key for her. Though she is trained in many different modalities, pregnancy massage is something sacred for her.  Jane has lived in Vacaville for 25 years and is the mother of four beautiful children

Jane Henry

I grew up in Vacaville and am a mother of two small boys. I have been a massage therapist for 11 years and absolutely love my job. I went to Trinity College in Fairfield and since then I have taken many continuing education classes to further my knowledge. I learn more and more everyday and apply what I learn to my massages in the future.

During my massage session I am completely focused on you. I listen to you and customize each massage session  based on your needs. I am very versatile.  I can do light, medium or deep pressure. I have many techniques in my massage "tool box" and I pick the ones that are most likely to achieve your desired goals. 

Alyssa Cook was born a spiritualist and has always been an avid learner of holistic healing. She picked up her first tarot deck when she was 13 and never put it down. ​

Energy work is a truly remarkable profession which allows allows her to tap into her clients auric field, receiving impressions for their body about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ailments.

Although she provides different services, Tarot and psychic readings, Reiki and energy work, she enjoys bringing all the healing modalities together so each one of her clients leaves feeling rejuvenated, whole, with a clear picture of guidance.​

As a Certified Massage Therapist and Craniosacral Therapist, I have extensive training and knowledge. I am very  intuitive by nature, and use various holistic and traditional modalities that capture the true healing potential in everyone. I am committed to enhancing and improving quality of life and well-being for individuals through education, massage therapy, self help and nutrition.

My methodologies include Esalen Style Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Somatoemotional Release, Sports/Deep Tissue Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy, Pregnancy Massage, Passive and Active Stretching along with other state of the art modalities.  With over 15 years of experience, I actively seek ways to continue my education and training to offer my clients a professional, comfortable and healing experience.

Sherry Woodcock

Dena Nofuentes is an Empathic, Intuitive Healer. She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, Certified Reiki II Practitioner, and Essential Oil Goddess! She has spent the past twenty years working in a variety of healthcare settings, providing compassionate care for humans from birth through end of life. Dena is also an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church and offers a variety of Spiritual Services and events such as Weddings and Funerals. She has had many gifted mentors and teachers along her journey and continues to study and practice under many of them today.  Visit her website at One Heart Awakening.

Jennifer Volman

I graduated from Bryan College in 2010 with over 1,150 hours of training.  I am fascinated by how the mind, body and spirit work in perfect harmony with each other.  If I had to describe my technique, I would say that I have a passion for fixing people.  I take the time to listen to my clients and really try to pinpoint their muscular issues. 

I have taken many continuing education classes, with the most recent being trigger point therapy, which greatly increased the tools that I have to help my clients’ well-being.  My specialties include Swedish, deep-tissue, sports massage and trigger point therapy.

A back injury that no one could “fix” sent Diana on a journey to Integrative Medicine. Diana became an Herbalist and studied Applied Kinesionics® in Seattle, Washington in order to help others to heal from back pain as she had learned to heal herself. She later continued her medical education at Acupuncture and Integrative Medical College in Berkeley, California where she cemented a strong focus on healing-oriented medicine. She interned at Medical Teaching Hospital, in Tianjin, China to study the cancer and stroke therapies. She also worked with Community Acupuncture through the Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco, California. Diana has been treating a variety of aliments using acupuncture, herbs, and energy work for many years. 

Diana is also certified in NADA protocol and training for trauma sites and recovery programs.

Blissful massage started in 2010 when Brian graduated from Bryan college. He joined Jody, who had already been working as a massage therapist graduating from the National Holistic Institute in 1994.


Blissful Massage expanded in 2016 in order to offer additional consultation space,  classes, workshops and products related to health and wellness.

Blissful Massage & Wellness Center in Vacaville


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After attending National Holistic Institute in 1994, I started my journey in the health field, going from health spas to chiropractic offices, gathering information and different techniques so that I could assist people on their own journey.  In 1998 I opened my own practice in Vacaville.

I have many years of continuing education ranging from Ayurvedic to hot stones, Reiki and sound therapy, to name a few.  I have found that some people want help with specific issues and others just want “me time.” 

I have now started to complement my massage with crystal therapy for the people who are interested, as the stones have a lot to offer energetically.

Sandy Carey

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A few words about us

Diana Rogers

I enjoy practicing Reiki and sharing the gift of relaxation and wellness with people experiencing stressful lives.  I  discovered the benefits of energy work myself three years ago, and became interested in learning how to share this with others.  I have completed the training necessary to become a Reiki Master Practitioner, and have also had  training in Healing Touch techniques.  I look forward to helping others discover the benefits of Reiki!​

Alyssa Cook

With 20 years of experience as a clairvoyant reader and energy healer, I am excited to share this intuitive practice at Blissful Massage and Wellness Center.  I am extremely passionate about helping people recognize the divine spiritual wisdom that lives within them. 

In a clairvoyant reading I look at vibrations of color, which represent the spiritual energies in your aura and chakras.  I then share with you what is supporting you with your life’s purpose and what may be keeping you stuck in old patterns.

In a clairvoyant hands-on healing, I also look at the energies in your aura and chakras, and then assist you in releasing what may no longer serve you on your spirit’s path.

I look forward to working with you, and to helping you align with your own innate wisdom and purpose.

Mike is the director of events and innovation at Blissful Massage and Wellness Center.  Retired from 32 years in public education, he also offers  consulting services to authors and educators.  He provides one-on-one coaching, builds websites for, and coaches authors, facilitates self-publishing workshops and can provide educational advocacy for parents trying to navigate a sometimes confusing public education system.  In addition to his consulting services Mike plans and facilitates weddings at the Center.  Visit his website at Rising Hawk Innovations.

Dena Nofuentes

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